Here we are preparing to install a Bi-sided              We also install razor wire if the client            We are removing this wall to install a new

Brickcrete Precast Concrete Wall at Waggel           requests it.                                                 Brickcrete Precast Concrete Wall in

street, La Montague, Pretoria, Gauteng.                                                                                  Wolhuter kop, Villieria, Pretoria,Gauteng 


The continued removal of the old wall and installation of the new Stonecrete 

Precast Concrete Wall at Wolhuter kop, Villieria, Pretoria,Gauteng 



And here is the finished product! The installation of the Stonecrete Precast Concrete Wall at Wolhuter kop, Villieria, Pretoria,Gauteng, is completed!


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