Exclusive precast concrete walls.

Exclusive Walls is Pretoria and Johannesburg, in Gauteng South Africa’s only Brickcrete manufacturer with Brickcrete, Stone Fence and Woodcrete precast walls, we also do precast installations. Exclusive walling is a professional company specializing in all your walling needs.

Why Choose Us?

1. We guarantee our customers the very best in precast concrete wall quality.

2. Our customers will not be faced with problems of excessive brick wall installation price as Brickcrete precast wall price is half to a third of the price. Please see our online price list at

3. We ensure maximum compaction of the concrete and displace air bubbles which cause Blemishes on the surface of the product.

4. Our fencing is absolutely solid with no unsightly gaps.

5. Our strong foundations make for stronger fences.

6. This ensures maximum strength and stability.

7. We guarantee our customers the very best workmanship.

8. You can afford to buy today.

9. We are the only suppliers od double sided precast walling in Gauteng.


As one of the market leaders in the industry we pride ourselves on quality, excellence and service.

With 17 years of experience, Exclusive walls is, precast concrete walls and we are the leader in manufacture, supply & installation of brickcrete concrete precast walls.


Some Facts About Our precast concrete wall fencing:

1. All aggregated and cements used by us are SABS Approved

2. We only use high tensile steel reinforcing in our precast wall panels.

3. All components are manufactured on high speed Vibrating tables.

4. All brickcrete wall panels have a special interlocking system.


Exclusive precast walling erects over 1 km of precast walls per month… Absolute professionally!

Your exterior perimeter precast walls are one of the most important features of your home. In recent years they have become increasingly popular due to the prevailing harsh security climate. The days of open gardens are long past. Surrounding precast walls demarcate the boundary of one’s property as well as adding an aesthetic quality.

Established in 2001, Exclusive Concrete Precast walls has gone from strength to strength in becoming the top supplier of all concrete walls & products. With Branches in Pretoria East, Pretoria North, Mooiplaats Pretoria and now in Johannesburg South and soon in Secunda.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have, and our quotations are free of charge.

A wide choice of precast walls is available. These materials include face brick, plain concrete walls and Brickcrete.

All our current staff has been with the company for many years and is highly skilled to erect a precast wall on your property within a day. Giving you instant privacy and security.

Exclusive precast concrete walling offers you, as our client, a product direct from the factory with a 3 Years guarantee. We offer free quotations, prompt services, we clean your site on completion and guarantee job satisfaction.

With satisfied contractors and homeowners across the East Rand, West Rand, Roodepoort and Pretoria Gauteng will testify, we have worked hard to become the industry leader in precast concrete walling and precast palisade fencing suppliers and installers. Continued growth and demand led Brickcrte precast walling to become one of the best walling companies in South Africa. Now with happier stop nonsense home owners, enjoying their stop nonsense walls at home, with added beauty and safety from their stop nonsense walling.

Our promise to you, our valued clients, is that we will work together as a specialist team of experts. We will provide you with outstanding services and trust in our abilities, service and workmanship.


Our Wood Crete walls.

Nothing beats the timeless look and feel of wood, except for Woodcrete™. Our Woodcrete pairs the warm appearance of genuine wood with the added benefits of precast concrete walls. If you value durability, longevity, cost savings and timeless visual appeal, it’s time to explore Woodcrete for your precon fence and wall needs.

Searching for precast concrete ranch rails? Explore our Woodcrete ranch rails phone Christiaan at 0721886699.

Benefits of Woodcrete Precast Concrete Fence and Wall Systems

Whether you’re an architect designing a commercial space or a public works team seeking a cost-effective wall or fencing solution, it’s time to take a closer look at precast concrete walling. Our Woodcrete marry’s the best attributes of wood with the tremendous benefits of precast concrete walling. The result? A material you can count on, no matter what life throws its way. Even better than that is the fact that it only cost’s half of normal brick walls price.

Our Woodcrete is less expensive than traditional wood. Our quick installation cuts down on labour and time.

Seamless Installation: Our modular interlocking system and range of panel heights make it easy to achieve the ideal wall for your property’s needs.

Security Never Looked Better: Premium design, unwavering durability and steel-reinforced panels make Woodcrete a popular choice for your security precast wall.

Aesthetic Appeal: Designed to deliver an authentic wood look and feel. Choose from a variety of color options to match your aesthetic.

Engineered for Strength: Our interlocking modular design is reinforced by steel and virtually maintenance-free.

Built for Resistance to Weather: Woodcrete is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Thanks to our manufacturing process, the colour, look and feel of your Woodcrete wall won’t diminish with time.


Key Features

Authentic wood look and texture on both sides of each panel

Up to 2.4-meter-high, allowing you to configure it to your needs

Proven manufacturing process to ensure strength and longevity


Contact us today at 072 188 6699

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