Precast walls shutdown

From 15 Dec the precast walling industry is having a shutdown untill 9 January 2019 and our brick look precast walls is no exception.

We had a productive year and erected at least 10 000m of precast walling during 2019 of wich 90% of the brick look precast walls.

Our brick look precast walls comes in 3 different colours and was n big seller this year. Due to 12% increase in our cement prices there will unfortunately be an increase of brick look precast walls in 2019.

We have however ordered extra cement at old prices so we will be able to stave off an increase of our brick look precast walls until 1 Feb 2019.

Vibracrete walls is erected in Pretoria. We have the biggest range of vibracrete walls in Pretoria as Pretoria is our home town. Vibracrete walls comes in different shapes and sizes as well as prices.

If you stay in pretoria you needto contact us for the best vibracrete walls prices.

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