Vibracrete walls

What happened to Vibracrete walls?

In the 80's everybody was talking about vibracrete walls as it was a new concept of precast concrete walls that was vibrated, cured and then erected at the fraction of the price of brick walls.

Vibracrete walls took the market by force.

Well vibracrete walls is still going strong in the guise of precast concrete walls, brickcrete walls, woodcrete walls and stonefence walls.

The vibracrete walls concept has been reinvented with a lot more different options, colours and heights.

Precast concrete walls has never before been so popular.

You may drive past  brickcrete, woodcrete or stonfence precast concrete wallsand not even notice that it is actually vibracrete walls!

Precast concrete walls rules the market!

I want to install  precast concrete walls at my house because its the best and cheapest and best looking walls in the world.

Brick walls does not come close as brick walls are far to expensive

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